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  • Quick Landlord Certificates in Glasgow can provie Smoke and heat alarm installation for landlords, PAT Testing, Smoke adn heat alarm installations with the correct yearly certification.

Quick Landlord Certificates based in Glasgow, provides the Buy to Let Landlord access to qualified and competent Electrical engineers For EICR Certificates and PAT Testing for Landlords to comply with current regulations, We also offer smoke and heat detection certificates for landlord complicance in the west of Scotland areas, We fully trained and Electricians who can carry out the teesting as required for letting in Scotland up to 18th Edition Regulations, We can also assess and install current regulation required smoke and heat alarms, and issue the correct certification on completion.

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Our Services

PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) Glasgow

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment in the home, office or anywhere PAT needed.

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EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report (Electrical Testing)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report, until recently called a Periodic Inspecton Report, is certificates 4 landlords most detailed electrical inspection service.

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Smoke and Heat Alarms Installation and Certificates

Landlords in Scotland must have smoke and heat alarms interconnected with each other. Either mains powered of 10 year Interconnected battey detectors.

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At Quick Landlord Certificates we ensure you have all the current legal requirement certification prior to letting.We also offer installations for smoke detectors and heat detectors, any work that could be needed we can quote for whilst we are on site. If you are needing multiple certificates for a property let us know and we can create a custom quotation for you and you would save money by getting a bulk booking of certificate.

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Latest Projects

Electrical Testing

The (EICR) must be provided whenever a property is rented, this states the electrical condition of the property.

PAT Testing

Items must be tested, pass or fail sticker applied and documented in a PAT Testing record certificate.

EICR (Electrical Testing)

The EICR iS comprising of an in-depth examination of a property's electrical installation & report detailing any necessary remedial work

Remedial Work

At Quick Landlord Certificates we have Electricians that can come to your propert when ready..